The Project of the Foyer L'Accueil


The Foyer L'Accueil offers simple, functional and pleasant housing to young, professional women.






Foyer L'Accueil facilitates the adaptation to Geneva by developing a convivial community life, respectful of each person, family oriented and rich in intercultural exchanges, so that each resident can feel at home.


The Foyer L'Accueil creates the conditions for each person's stay to be a time of human, professional and spiritual growth and a springboard for her commitment in the world of today and tomorrow.

Premises and Services

81 rooms

2003 foyer

67 single rooms, common showers/toilets.
11 double rooms, common showers/toilets.
3 double rooms, with private showers/toilets.

Every room is furnished and equipped with a washbasin.


2003 chapelle

A chapel at your disposal at any time.
The chapel is a place where everyone can freely meditate.
The mass is celebrated once a week.


2003 informatique

WIFI high speed internet connection in each room. Possibility to use a computer, a printer-scanner, photocopier and fax machine.


2003 cuisine

Foyer L'Accueil has two fully equipped kitchens with adjoining dining rooms, as well as an individual locker fridge, cupboards, and a shared freezer.


2003 musique

Rooms for television, music, study, a gym, library and a place to meet and relax. Storage for bicycles and suitcases is available.  


2003 machine

Laundry room with washing machines, dryers and clothes irons.



But wait, there's more!

bon a savoir

Breakfast is served every morning except Sundays, public holidays, 2 weeks at Christmas and 1 week at Easter.

Each resident is responsible for the order and cleanliness of her room. A complete cleaning is assured by the house once every two weeks.

A social evening with a shared meal is offered about once a quarter as well as a Christmas party.



Règlement et tarifs


How to find us

Résidence L'Accueil
8 rue Alcide-Jentzer
1205 Geneva

How to contact us

phone : +41 22 320 92 77

email : contact us

Automatic responder
on Saturday and Sunday, and out the opening hours.